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24 December 2006

Goodbye, Legacy IM...

...Hello, Freedom!

Dealing with closed-off IM networks is basically a ball ache, and I'm no longer dancing this dance. I want instant messaging without the bullshit, and this isn't what MSN Messenger is giving me.

As of Christmas Day 2006, I'm no longer using the MSN (or .NET, or Windows Live, or whatever the fuck they're calling it these days!) Messenger or AOL IM services. Please have a quick read of the following, to find out why I'm using Jabber, and how and why you should too.

I know a lot of friends who have Hotmail accounts. I also know a lot of friends who have GMail accounts. I personally don't use either, I have my own email server at Do I need to have an account on Hotmail in order to email my friends who use Hotmail, or a GMail account to email my friends who use GMail? Of course not—that would be absurd. Yet, that is exactly the situation we tolerate with respect to instant messaging.

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