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29 November 2009

Some Short Tune Reviews from TATW 296

Thought I'd review the tracks played on this week's Trance Around The World to force me to listen properly! Here it goes.

Dan Stone "Fahrenheit" (Anjunabeats)
Arbitrary piano over stock pads and plucks with a standard bass progression. As expected from Dan Stone, crisp production, but can't help think that this track is born of a need to get another pay cheque in from Anjunabeats. 2/5
Hydro Aquatic "Moon River" (Monster Tunes)
Overused techy side-chain-compressed bass line with a Nitrous Oxide "North Pole"-style theme that Above & Beyond are absolutely caning right now (see "Anjuna Beach"). Nothing much going on here. 2/5
Angelic "It's My Turn 2009" (Darren Tate Remix)
Not much to offer over the older versions other than an updated sound set. Nothing very interesting above that. 2/5
Boom Jinx & Jaytech "Milano" (Anjunadeep)
Wouldn't expect anything less than lush, edgy sounds from Boom Jinx and Jaytech, and they deliver on those grounds. Reasonably funky bass pattern, but gets boring quickly. Good warmup material. 3/5
Mat Zo "Rush 2009" (Anjunabeats)
I'm still caning the original of "Rush", and I was surprised to see an updated version so soon. Borrows even more from the world of tech house. Mat's production is as always very refreshing, but I feel this remake deducts more than it adds. I will forego this one for the original. 3/5
Temple One "Sahara Nights" (Steve Brian Remix) (Enhanced Recordings)
Typical Anjuna-fodder. Good production, but totally generic sounds and theme. Also, the guy has two first names. 2/5
EverLight "Colours" (Cressida Remix)
Delightful themes with a blissful atmosphere. Adventurous accompanying parts give this track some nice originality. Great flow and solid production. 3/5
Everything But The Girl "Missing" (Greg Downey Remix)
Greg delivers a typically techy concoction balanced with the iconic breakdown lifted from the original Todd Terry mix. Absolutely fantastic take on the theme, I just wish he could have made something out of it for the main part instead of resorting to pretty generic tech trance beats. Regardless, how can this not go off in a club? 3/5
Edu pres. Time Traveler "Save The Planet" (Cramp Remix) (Levare)
Arbitrary piano and more boring plucks on the break, but the build up seems to pay off. The theme brings a smile to my face, even though it's quite simple. 3/5
Filo & Peri feat. Aruna "Ashley" (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) (Vandit)
Heavy peak-time tech trancer with pretty good vocal work and disgusting(-ly good) bass programming. Not much love, but very functional. 3/5
Chapter XJ "Resurrection" (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix) (Monster)
Almost-arbitrary piano breakdown, but completely forgiven by a real crowd-pleaser of a theme. This is big-smile, textbook trance. I have been going absolutely nuts for this in the clubs. 4/5
Paul Keely "Cloud 9" (Anjunadeep)
Eighth-note progressive house. Functional, but somewhat uninspired percussion. A gorgeous and well programmed 4 bar theme, but not much going on other than that. 3/5
Jerome Isma-Ae "Hold That Sucker Down" (Pilot 9)
Tech house beats with a classic-sounding, dark and moody theme. Pretty cool, but I don't feel much emotional attachment. 3/5
Sunny Lax "Misgrey" (Anjunabeats)
Now this is a side of Sunny Lax I didn't expect to see. Techy beats and fresh, interesting sound work. I absolutely cannot resist the theme! Mesmerising bass, decorated beautifully and tastefully. Just try and keep me off the dance floor. 4/5
Markus Schulz "Do You Dream?" (Grube & Hovsepian Remix) (Coldharbour)
Nice theme with a big spacious sound. Ticks all the boxes, but somehow doesn't really do that much for me. 3/5
Mark Pledger feat. Melinda Gareh "Time Stands Still" (Solaris)
Gorgeous sounds and and a theme that, if a bit indulgent at times, practically melts my spine. Hypnotic, progressive and full of the trance sensibilities I long for. A genuine, refreshing arrangement and form, though, like "Fallen Tides" I am left feeling a little lost in the theme sometimes. Looking forward to remixes. 3 4 3 4/5