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30 January 2007

Can't Sleep

Kill me.

Damn illness! :'(

22 January 2007

MySpace like a shit version of the real Internet.

Except on the real Internet, you can't make friends with a movie.

That is all for now.

01 January 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDYA! In case you have been living inside a cave, it is now officially the year 2007 AD in regions that are UTC and UTC+0100 PPLUS PROBABLYT MORE BY THE TIME YTOU READ THIS!!!! AD stands for ANNO DOMINI and that means years after the birth of JESUS CHRIST our saviour. So I wish that 2007 is a good year for everyone in general because it;s a bit of a shit number TBH and it'll only redeem itself if everyone gets laid lots and wisn the the lottery or something!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WORLD!