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10 September 2008

IE8 - Getting my web pages right, first time!

Just fired up IE NetRenderer to check the rendering of the new ICU Music Technology Society web page I was working on today.

Unsurprisingly, IE6 gets implicit font sizes wrong (base font size is 8pt, yet level 1 headings disregard this), ignores instruction to inherit colours (link colours don’t match the normal text foreground colour) and fails at alpha-blending PNG images.

IE7 blends the images properly, but that’s the only thing it gets right over IE6.

IE8 beta 2, however, gets everything right! Granted, the page is very simple, but I think this is the first time that any non-trivial page that I’ve coded has worked in IE without any extra work. I wonder if the scripting interfaces are up to standard yet... We may be out of the dark ages by the end of the decade if Microsoft roll this out to Windows users!

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