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04 September 2007

New Remix, new website, new direction

In just a few weeks, my remix of Dan Stone's Road Test will be released on Red Force, along with the original mix and two stonking remixes from German trance legends, Signum.

It's been a long time coming - just over a year, in fact - but this release marks my debut commercial release, which is something I'm very proud of.

To celebrate, I decided to give my website a lick of paint and give it a new name. Gone is DJLXJ.COM, replaced by the newfangled LXJMUSIC.COM, something which looks slightly less like a random assortment of letters that a hypothetical cat might have come up with whilst walking across my keyboard. I don't think I have ever called myself "DJ LXJ" anyway, save for one Internet forum that wouldn't let me sign up with just the three letters, "L", "X" and "J".

More significantly, however, I decided to drop the "DJ" thing because it's something which I believe has its days numbered. "Discs", both vinyl and CD are rapidly on the decline, and for good reason. 2007 blesses us with 20 Mbit Internet connections, and insanely powerful live production performance tools such as Ableton Live, and I don't see things going forward at anything less than light-speed as we approach 2008. DJing as we know it is dead. Long live progress!

Road Test will be available on CD and digital download from most good retail outlets, including iTunes and Audiojelly, in September.

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