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26 October 2006

DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Awards Party - It's Over!

Wow. I wasn't expecting that!

DJ Mag invited to the awards party to film some footage and interview the DJs, etc. My friend, Luke, took up the challenge and brought me along to Fabric as his guest for the night. And thank god for that privilege, as the queue looked to be a good hour-long wait, and I needed a piss! We were given media passes, which was amazing-cool as it meant we could go wherever we wanted. Oh, and also a few free drinks tokens, wahey!

So, we managed to get some great interviews - one with Armin Van Buuren, who swiped the runner-up title from Tiƫsto this year, one with Tony and Paavo of Above & Beyond, who shot up another 10 places this year to number 9 (many congratulations to them!), and some awesome DJ-box footage of the once-again world's #1 DJ, Mr. Paul Van Dyk, mixin' it up during his victory set. Unfortunately, it seemed he'd either done one straight after his set before we got the chance to interview him, or was just somewhere uber-secret that we didn't know about. (God knows we looked everywhere!) We stayed right till the end to see if he showed up - but alas, he didn't.

Great to see people again, it's always good to have a chat with Tony and Paavo, and super-thanks go out to Mike Koglin and his "shag" (her words, not mine!) who gave me a free copy of his new artist album, VS, which I'm listening to right now! It's very good. You should buy it. :P

Special thanks to Danna and Johnathan for taking care of us on the night, and of course Luke for taking me with him. Look out for the documentary video on in the very near future!

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